Top Questions To Ask When Renting A Crane

Not all crane rental companies are created equal, just like not all jobs are created equal.  If you are renting a crane for your jobsite, make sure you’ve done your homework when talking with your crane rental company. You’ll find that not all crane companies offer the same scope and scale of services.

1. Can you support my job sites and projects across the country?

Working with a company that has locations across the country ensures easier access to the type of crane you need and reduces rental cost as it lowers transportation costs to get the equipment to the location where it’s needed.

2. Do you have the type of crane I need?

Different jobs require different types of cranes to get the job done correctly.  Make sure the crane rental company you utilize has a crane with the proper lift capacity, for the proper terrain, and for the proper application. You may need several varieties of cranes including crawler cranesall-terrain cranesrough-terrain cranes or even tower cranes depending on the size and scope of your job.

3. If you do have the type of crane I need, is it available when I need it?

A crane rental company is only as good as its ability to make cranes available when needed. Fleet size and geographic footprint become incredibly important when a customer needs a crane NOW. By renting from a crane rental company with locations across the country and a larger fleet, you’re much more likely to get the crane they need when they need it.

4. What services come with my crane rental?

Most crane rental companies will simply rent a customer a crane. Make sure the rental company you choose can ensure a completed job, start to finish. Choose a crane rental company that offers such additional services as: Site EvaluationEngineeringLift PlanningProject Management, Transportation, Heavy Hauling and Specialized Rigging. These key components often aren’t available, so investigate before renting a crane.

5. How reliable are your cranes?

Since a crane is such an important piece of equipment on a jobsite, it is essential that it remains up and running throughout a construction project. Inquire about a crane rental company’s maintenance and service program for their rented cranes. Be sure to read all the details. You don’t want to hold up a project because of a broken-down crane or lack of account service when things don’t go as planned.

6. Are you able to coordinate operators for my crane rental?

Sometimes you just need to rent a crane. Other times both a crane and an operator are needed. Some crane rental companies do not offer an operator option as part of their rental agreements. Be sure you ask about this when contacting crane rental companies. You want to rent from a company that offers the flexibility you need for your project.

7. Do you have insurance coverage?

As with any business, you want to make sure your company and workers are protected. When a customer only rents a crane, they must carry their own insurance. When you rent a crane and your company provides operators, inquire about the crane rental company’s insurance coverage before signing any agreements. The company should have at a minimum General Liability coverage, Auto Liability for when a crane goes on the road, and Riggers Liability to cover any item while it’s on a crane’s hook.

8. What is your safety record?

The Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is a metric used by insurance carriers to gauge both the past cost of workers’ compensation claims and the future probability of additional claim costs. In very simplified terms, a company’s EMR is calculated by dividing a representation of actual incurred losses over “expected losses,” which are determined based on payroll and the number of hours worked within specific employee classification codes.

In the construction industry, documentation of a company’s EMR rating is required when bidding on any kind of government project. A summary of the EMR rating system is below:

  • Superior – with a rate of .7 or below
  • Acceptable – with a rate of .7 to 1.0
  • Sub-Standard – with a rate greater than 1.0

EMR Safety Rating Scale where anything less than 0.7 is superior.

Ask for the crane rental company’s EMR rating when you first get in contact.

Get Started : Renting A Crane

There is a lot to consider when renting a crane. Here at Maxim Crane Works, we would love to answer these questions for you. With locations spread across the country, more than 2,500 cranes in our fleet, a rigorous service and maintenance program, best in class safety programs as well as comprehensive services for all your heavy lift and place needs, Maxim’s capabilities are sure to solve any of your heavy-lifting needs. Contact Us today to get started with Maxim.

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