Are You Ready For Your Rented Crane Arrival? 5 Tips For Preparing Your Jobsite

So, you’ve rented a crane. Maybe your job just needed a simple truck crane that can be driven to your jobsite over the road. Maybe your heavy lift job calls for a crawler crane that needs several semi-truckloads to deliver all the parts, pieces, and counterweights to your jobsite. No matter the type of crane you rent, it is important to make sure you’ve prepared your jobsite properly for the arrival and use of your rented crane. Preparations must be made in advance of a crane’s arrival not only for the safety of the project’s workers, but also for proper usage of the crane itself. Here are some tips on preparing for the arrival of your rented crane to your jobsite. 

Ultimate checklist for preparing your jobsite for your crane rental
Are You Ready For Your Rented Crane Arrival? 5 Tips For Preparing Your Jobsite

Double-Check Job Details

Clear communication ensures fewer hiccups. Double check job details with the crane rental company such as: type of crane ordered, weight of load to be moved, height of lift needed, dimensions of object (s) to be lifted, type of terrain where it will be located, and date of arrival. When working with Maxim Crane for example, you can coordinate directly with your single point of contact to review the job details prior to the arrival of your equipment.

Clear the Way

It is important that your jobsite be free of any impeding equipment, fencing, dirt piles, or the like out of the path to where the crane will be located on the jobsite and where it will sit. If there are any tight entrances or exits to the jobs site, make sure the opening in the gate is wide enough for the crane and/or the vehicle carrying it to fit through. Make sure there are not large bumps in the road that could be an issue. This will help make sure your crane rental delivery is safe.

Review and Prepare Terrain

While many cranes are built to navigate rough terrain, large bumps or rises on the path to the final crane location could cause issues. Hazards like unstable ground, ditches or drop offs could also be dangerous. Also look for scaffolding, tree branches or hanging power lines that could cause problems. At Maxim we will work with you to remedy any of these issues before the crane arrives including an on-site evaluation and engineering services.

Conduct a Jobsite Pre-Inspection

As noted above, Maxim’s team will conduct pre-lift planning and job walks, job hazard analysis as well as daily risk meetings while the crane is on site. Before the crane’s arrival, we’ll schedule a site pre-inspection by one of our specialized experts. Our expert will review ground stability and overall accessibility for the crane before it arrives on-site and ask for any corrections to be made.

Implement Advance Safety Measures

Beyond all measures, safety is the most important aspect of renting a crane. From OSHA requirements and training to operator certification and daily safety communications, Maxim will help you coordinate all the safety aspects of your crane rental. This is the Maxim Advantage.

At Maxim Crane Works, we will help you with all stages of your project including, project assessment, project engineering, transportation, project management, project equipment selection and project safety. Our comprehensive approach ensures you have the best and safest experience when you rent a crane from us. Get a quote today or contact us with questions about your next crane rental.

Disclaimer Statement:

We hope you found this article informative. Our content is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute advice or necessarily reflect the range of services Maxim Crane Works, LP provides. Readers should not act upon this information without first seeking assistance from a qualified industry professional. For crane recommendations for your specific project, consider speaking with one of our sales professionals. Although we attempt to ensure that postings on our blog are complete and accurate, we assume no responsibility for their completeness or accuracy.


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