Investor Relations

The company is cognizant that climatic change is an on-going event on a global and regional basis and that there are global business risks associated with such change. Currently, we do not believe there are any imminent risks to our industry or our facilities as a result. Further, the vast majority of our facilities are not in coastal areas, and our equipment can easily be moved between branch locations.

As additional infrastructure is developed and implemented to reduce/eliminate the human influence on the ever-changing global climate, Maxim Crane is well positioned with its large fleet of construction cranes, to be a provider of the critical lift services that will certainly be required to endeavor to persevere in this regard. In 2019 Maxim generated $18.3 million in revenue from our work in the renewable energy sector, and in 2020 Maxim generated $54.7 million in revenue from the renewable energy sector.

For any information or questions please contact Sean or Ryan.

Sean Collopy

Chief Financial Officer
Maxim Crane Works, L.P.

Ryan R. Gutwald

Vice President of Risk Management
Maxim Crane Works, L.P.