Rough terrain Crane Rentals

Elevate your productivity with our rough terrain crane rentals. Capable of traversing the most challenging terrains, these rugged workhorses effortlessly conquer hostile environments and insurmountable obstacles. With an impressive load capacity, they can transform the way you approach your most daunting operations, regardless of their scale or difficulty. Our rough terrain cranes fuse portability with strength, delivering unparalleled balance and control on any surface.

Why Rent a Rough Terrain Crane?

Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

Excellent Maneuvarability

Rough terrain cranes have a tight turn radius and three steering modes allowing them to move up and down steep grades, uneven ground, and obstacles. This level of maneuverability makes them ideal for handling adverse ground conditions in off-road applications.

rough terrain crane rentals

Stability & Power

Rough terrain cranes come equipped with large tires and overextending hydraulic outriggers, providing a wider center of gravity and hence, enhanced stability even on uneven or sloped ground. They also have all-wheel drive and tend to possess more power than other types of cranes of similar size and capacity.

Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

Compact Size

Rough terrain cranes are generally more compact than other types of cranes with similar load capacities. This makes them ideal for use in confined lifting spaces. Additionally, they have one cab for both driving the crane and operating it, which saves space and increases efficiency.

Rough Terrain Crane Rentals
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Rough Terrain Crane Rentals

Renting a rough terrain crane can significantly optimize your project execution with its ability to expertly maneuver on rugged surfaces and adverse conditions. These cranes are uniquely designed to handle operations in even the most challenging terrains, making them indispensable for various off-road applications. Their compact size makes them efficient in navigating and working in limited spaces where larger cranes cannot operate easily. Swiftly traversing obstacles with their large tires and impressive steering capabilities, these cranes are versatile and solve a multitude of lifting needs, thus providing cost-effective and incomparable productivity for your projects. Rough terrain crane rentals not only boost your operational performance by offering unmatched stability and power but also overcome difficulties across diverse terrains with ease.

How to get started With Your Rough Terrain Crane Rental


Personalized Rental Estimate

For a quote tailored to your specific needs, complete our online form or contact us via our toll-free number. Please be sure to include crucial information like the required load capacity, necessary reach, and project duration. Based on this data, we’ll put together a rental quote, either operated and maintained or bare, to match your requirements and budget.


Securing Your Rough Terrain Crane

After receiving your quote, take some time to review and make sure it aligns seamlessly with your project’s requirements, budget, and timeline. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll work with you to iron out the details of delivery for your rough terrain crane. For operated and maintained rentals we will complete the setup and provide all neccessary personnel for your rental.


Support Throughout The Project

Our dedication to your project extends beyond the initial crane setup. We provide continuous support from the start of your project until its completion. Partnering closely with our manufacturer associates, we’re available 24/7 to answer your queries, address your concerns, and provide prompt assistance whenever necessary. We’re here to help your project run smoothly and efficiently.

FAQs about Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough terrain cranes are specifically designed for operations in off-road and rough ground conditions. They are characterized by their large tires, compact size, single cab for driving and operating, and ability to traverse unimproved job sites.

The primary difference between all-terrain and rough terrain cranes lies in their design and usage. While all-terrain cranes are larger, faster, can travel on public roads and reach higher with longer booms, rough terrain cranes are more lightweight and maneuverable, specifically built for uneven and rough grounds but primarily need to be transported between job sites.

Yes, rough terrain cranes feature all-wheel drive for superior control and stability over uneven and loose terrain, enhancing maneuverability.

The load capacity of a rough terrain crane typically ranges from 15 to 165 tons, depending on the crane’s size and design.

A rough terrain crane operates with a combination of features including large, oversized tires, specialized steering modes, and hydraulic outriggers to balance and level on uneven ground. They have a single cab from which the operator can drive the crane to the working site and then operate the crane for lifting tasks.

Rough terrain cranes are often used for projects on rugged, unprepared sites or conditions requiring a lighter, more maneuverable crane. They are ideal for tasks that involve moving heavy materials on uneven ground, steep slopes, and other adverse terrain conditions. Frequently, they find applications in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, and resource extraction industries.

You can choose from our bare rental option or our operated and maintained crane rental options depending on your needs.


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