Tower Crane Rentals

Unlock the potential of your construction projects with tower crane rentals. Designed to meet the demands of urban landscapes and tall structures, tower cranes offer unparalleled efficiency and versatility. Whether navigating through cramped city spaces or facilitating the construction of skyscrapers, tower cranes provide a strategic solution for handling heavy materials with precision and ease. With customizable options, tower cranes offer optimal performance and stability. Secure a tower crane rental today and elevate your construction capabilities to new heights.

Why Rent A Tower Crane?

Tower Crane Rentals

Efficient Use Of Space

Tower cranes are designed for optimal utilization of space on construction sites, efficiently reaching high elevations while minimizing the ground space required. Their vertical reach and lifting capabilities allow for the handling of materials and equipment in a compact footprint, ensuring that builders can maximize productivity and functionality without compromising on-site efficiency.

Tower Crane Rentals

High Lifting Capacity

Tower cranes provide the capability to lift heavy loads to significant heights, allowing for the construction of tall structures and the handling of large materials with ease. This high lifting capacity not only increases efficiency on the job site but also enables the completion of complex projects that require heavy materials to be lifted and placed accurately at elevated levels.

Tower Crane Rentals

Versatility In Construction

Tower cranes offer a diverse range of makes, models, and capacities to accommodate the specific requirements of different projects. Whether it’s a high-rise building, a hydroelectric dam, or other construction endeavor, there is a tower crane rental option that can meet the unique demands of the job. This versatility ensures that you have the right equipment, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the project.

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Tower Crane Rentals

Enhance your construction endeavors with tower crane rentals, the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in heavy lifting tasks. Tower cranes are the ultimate solution for projects that require vertical reach and heavy material handling capabilities, making them indispensable for building tall structures in tight urban spaces. From erecting skyscrapers to facilitating complex infrastructure projects, tower cranes offer unmatched versatility and performance. By utilizing a tower crane rental, you can harness the power of high lifting capacity and strategic positioning to streamline construction processes and overcome spatial limitations. A tower crane rental provides the essential support needed to elevate your construction operation to new heights.

How to get started With Your Tower Crane Rental


Request A quote

Kickstart the process by reaching out to Maxim Crane with detailed specifications for your tower crane rental needs. Share essential project details such as height and reach requirements, load capacity, and rental duration. This initial step allows our team to tailor a personalized crane rental solution that aligns perfectly with your project goals and budget.


Tailored Rental Solution

Upon receiving and reviewing the proposed rental terms, choose between the bare rental agreement or the operated and maintained crane rental agreement. Rest assured that Maxim Crane will ensure you have the necessary equipment and personnel to handle your lifting project efficiently and smoothly.


Continuous Project Support

Experience a smooth execution of your project with the support of Maxim Crane’s comprehensive management services. Benefit from ongoing assistance, including 24/7 support and prompt responses from our team of technicians and manufacturer partners. From project initiation to completion, trust Maxim Crane to provide the resources needed.

FAQs about Tower Cranes

tower crane is a large, tall machine that is used to move heavy objects from one place to another. They are commonly used in construction projects to lift and move materials such as structural steel, concrete and heavy equipment. Tower cranes are also used in other industries such as mining and shipping.

The primary purpose of a tower crane is to lift and move heavy materials and equipment on construction sites, particularly in the construction of tall buildings and structures. Tower cranes are essential for tasks that require lifting loads to significant heights with precision and efficiency. They provide the vertical reach necessary for handling heavy materials at various levels, allowing for the construction of skyscrapers, bridges, and other projects that require materials to be lifted and positioned accurately at elevated heights.

The essential components of a tower crane include:
1. Base Support: Provides stability, typically attached to a concrete pad or ballasted chassis.
2. Tower (Mast): Vertical element supporting the crane’s height and other components.
3. Turntable: Allows the arm to rotate, enhancing the crane’s range of motion.
4. Operator’s Cab: Contains controls and systems for the crane operator.
5. Jib (Working Arm): Horizontal component extending from the tower to lift and position loads.
6. Trolley and Hook Block: Moves along the jib and facilitates vertical movement of the hook.
7. Counter Jib: Extends opposite the jib to maintain balance.
8. Counterweight: Balances the load capacity, typically located at the rear of the crane.

The different types of tower cranes include:

  • Hammerhead Tower Cranes
  • Luffing Jib Cranes
  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Tower cranes lifting capacity can vary from 4 tons to 66 tons.

Tower cranes are stationary with exceptional height and lifting capacity, ideal for tall construction projects like skyscrapers. Until they are dissembled, tower cranes will remain fixed to the ground or to the side of a building structure. Because of their fixed nature, tower cranes offer exceptional stability. In contrast, mobile cranes are versatile and movable, offering flexibility on job sites but with limitations in height and stability. The choice between the two depends on the project’s specific requirements and mobility needs.

We offer both bare tower crane rentals and operated and maintained tower crane rentals. Our tower crane rentals are tailored to your specific needs.

If you’re uncertain about the versatility of these powerful tools, here are some ideal applications:

1. Hospitals and Educational Facilities

2. Multi-Family Housing

3. Bridges & Infrastructure 

4. Parking Garages

5. Mid/High Rise Construction

6. Industrial Facilities

7. Commercial Development

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