Beyond the Crane Rental

We do more than just rent you a crane. We are committed to supporting your rental from beginning to end so you can focus on other aspects of your project. 

Elite Services From Concept To Completion

From day one, Maxim Crane has maintained its commitment to the highest level of service; providing an excellent product through the use of professional staff, engineers and technology support teams. We are available when you need us, always only a phone call away.

We engage in continuous improvement; from training our engineers on the latest software to creating new, innovative techniques, we never stop challenging ourselves to be better.

Our use of the latest technology advancements and value add services make us stand out from other crane rental companies. We provide our customer with a clear path to success by defining lift specific criteria, clear scopes of work, and processes proven to maximize job site efficiencies.

Engineering Services

Leveraging a nationwide fleet of cranes, our engineering staff and crane experts work together to determine the most effective approach for successfully completing a project.

Project Management

Maxim Crane offers the capabilities to support the customer from the drawing board to the final positioning of the components to be erected.

Heavy Hauling & Rigging

Maxim Crane has the resources and the capabilities to transport even the heaviest loads throughout the country and set them in place.


Our Service Department is comprised of over 300 factory trained technicians, parts professionals and shop support staff committed to assuring that our fleet is rental ready.



Crane Rental Considerations

Choosing the right crane rental company and the right equipment is critical. Find a crane provider who can fulfill your requirements and provide sound guidance. Consider your budget, environment of the project, duration of the rental, and weight of the load. The answers to these questions will help narrow down the type of crane you need.


Plan And Prepare With Our Experts

A lifting job can only be as successful as the planning and preparation beforehand. Our engineering team and project management services can provide complete crane lift plans, lifting procedures, job-site drawings, terrain analysis, technical training and more. Maxim Crane also has the means to transport your job-ready equipment.


Partner From Beginning to End

When you receive your crane, our work is just beginning. Maxim Crane is committed to providing supporting services from the beginning to the end of your job to ensure a successful completion. Our team of expert technicians & manufacturer partners provide 24/7 support and offer a resoundingly quick response time.

Crane Rental Services FAQs

Crane rental services are the value add service a crane company offers to ensure the success of a lifting project. These supportive services can include but are not limited to project planning and management, engineering and maintenance.


There are many benefits to using crane rental services, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Prioritized safety
  • Cost efficiency
  • Access to technology
  • Expert guidance
  • Efficient lifting projects

Maxim Crane offers a complete crane rental service offering. We are committed to being a trusted partner and provide:

Yes. Maxim Crane offers both bare rentals and operated and maintained rentals. We can help you decide which option is best for your lifting project.

Absolutely. Our team consists of crane rental experts who are familiar with a number of industries. We are dedicated to helping our customers evaluate their lifting projects and find the right equipment.

We understand that time is money and we are committed in reducing downtime for our equipment. Maxim Crane maintains our rental fleet and provides 24/7 maintenance support during your rental. Our technicians and partnered manufacturers respond quickly to keep your project moving forward.

If you aren’t sure where to start, contact us. We will help you find the right equipment, get a quote, plan for your lifting project and support you through the end.