Boom Truck Rentals

Unlock the full potential of your projects with boom truck rentals. Offering versatile reach and adaptability, boom trucks provide a convenient all-in-one solution for your lifting needs on job sites. Experience the mobility and efficiency of boom trucks today for smooth project completion.

Why Rent a Boom Truck?

Boom Truck Rentals

Mobility & Efficiency

Boom trucks offer the distinct benefit of traveling on public roads at comfortable highway speeds, greatly enhancing their utility with swift and effortless transportation between job sites. This ability ensures efficient operations and reduces downtime by eliminating the need for special transport arrangements often required for other heavy machinery types.

Boom Truck Rentals

Versatile Reach

Boom trucks are highly versatile, and can be equipped with various attachments and accessories to meet the needs of different tasks and industries. They excel in reaching high elevations and lifting heavy loads, making them perfect for tasks such as building maintenance, setting up temporary structures, and accessing hard-to-reach locations.

Boom Truck Rentals

Quick Setup

Boom trucks are designed for rapid deployment, with minimal setup required to extend the boom and platform. This quick setup time saves valuable labor hours and allows tasks to be completed promptly, especially in time-sensitive situations.

Boom Truck Rentals

Boom Truck Rentals

Renting a boom truck provides unparalleled flexibility and convenience for your project. Boom trucks offer a unique combination of truck mobility and crane capabilities, making them a versatile choice for a variety of industries. With the ability reach great heights, boom trucks are essential for tasks such as construction, maintenance, utility work, and more. The cost-effective nature of boom truck rentals allows for efficient handling of multiple projects simultaneously without the need for investing in additional equipment. When you need to handle heavy equipment, a boom truck rental provides the mobility, versatility, and efficiency needed to streamline your operations and ensure project success.

How to get started With Your Boom Truck Rental


Submit A Rental Quote Request

Begin by submitting a quote request to Maxim Crane Works with specific details about your project needs. Include information on height & reach requirements, load capacity, project duration and whether you need a bare rental or an operated & maintained rental to receive a customized rental quote tailored to your budget and demands.


Find The Right Equipment

After reviewing the rental quote provided by Maxim Crane Works, ensure that the boom truck meets your project requirements in terms of budget, timeline, and capabilities. Once you are satisfied with the terms, Maxim Crane Works will work with you so you can get started with your boom truck rental quickly.


Receive Ongoing Assistance

Throughout the duration of your project, Maxim Crane Works is dedicated to offering continuous support. Our team of technicians and manufacturer partners are available 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have. We provide guidance and ensure you have all the resources needed for a successful completion of your project.

FAQ's about Boom Trucks

boom truck is a type of crane. It has a telescoping boom that can be extended to lift objects. The boom can also be angled so that the object can be deposited in a specific location. Boom trucks are typically used for construction and landscaping projects.

A boom truck is called a boom truck because it has a telescoping boom mounted on a truck frame. The boom can be extended to lift objects and deposited in a specific location. The boom can also be angled to provide better leverage when lifting heavy objects.

A boom truck is a type of mobile crane that has a telescopic arm or boom, which is used to extend the reach of the crane. The arm is mounted on a rotating turret, so that it can be turned. This allows the boom truck to be positioned close to the object that needs to be lifted, and then extend its arm to reach it. Boom trucks are typically used for construction projects, and can be used to lift heavy objects such as beams and pipes.

A jib on a boom lift is a type of lifting device that helps to extend the reach of the boom lift. It consists of a horizontal beam that is attached to the boom lift and has a pulley system at the end. This allows the operator to move the jib up and down, as well as side to side, to reach different heights and angles. The jib can also be rotated to provide better access to hard-to-reach areas.

Boom lifts are designed to hold a variety of loads, depending on the model and make. The weight capacity for a boom lift can range from 250 pounds to 4,000 pounds. It is important to check the specifications of the boom lift before attempting to lift anything heavy. Some models of boom lifts have a higher weight capacity than others.

You have the option to decide whether you prefer to supply your own licensed crane operator or select Maxim Crane’s operated and maintained crane rentals for your convenience.

Get in touch with us today to request a quote. Our team is ready to help and will create a customized quote that suits your project needs.

Benefits of renting a boom truck include:

1. Cost Savings: Renting a boom truck is usually less expensive than owning one, allowing you to avoid the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment. This cost-effective solution saves money and provides peace of mind during uncertain economic times.

2. Handling Multiple Projects: Renting a boom truck enables you to take on multiple projects simultaneously without the need for investing in additional equipment. This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage various job sites and enhance overall productivity.

3. Equipment Flexibility: Renting a boom truck offers the flexibility to select the most suitable and efficient equipment for your specific project needs. You can easily choose different models based on the requirements of each job, ensuring optimal performance and convenience.

4. Mobility and Transport: Boom trucks are highly mobile and can move freely on public roads like regular trucks, enabling swift transportation between different sites at highway speeds. 

Some of the many uses for boom trucks include sign installation, utility line work, HVAC projects, and construction projects. Boom trucks offer a versatile and convenient way to complete many different types of tasks. They are specially designed to be able to reach high places  making them ideal for a variety of applications.

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