World-Class Crane Maintenance Services

With a team of professional technicians using specialized equipment, a crane rented from Maxim will be ready to work and can be counted on throughout your project. 

Reduce Equipment Down-Time

Maxim Crane employs over 300 factory trained technicians, parts, professionals and support staff. As the service leader in North America, we are committed to providing our customers with rental ready fleet. 

Preventative Maintenance + Rental Ready

Qualified Technicians

Commitment To Service

Our 24/7 commitment to service is not limited to Maxim and our staff of technicians, we are also a conduit to 24/7 manufacturer support. Maxim Crane Works partners with Manitowoc Crane Group (CraneCare), Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company and Liebherr Cranes, Inc., Maxim Crane Works will bring our resources and definitive manufacturer resources, to bear on any technical problem.



Crane Rental Considerations

Choosing the right crane rental company and the right equipment is critical. Find a crane provider who can fulfill your requirements and provide sound guidance. Consider your budget, environment of the project, duration of the rental, and weight of the load. The answers to these questions will help narrow down the type of crane you need.


Plan And Prepare With Our Experts

A lifting job can only be as successful as the planning and preparation beforehand. Our engineering team and project management services can provide complete crane lift plans, lifting procedures, job-site drawings, terrain analysis, technical training and more. Maxim Crane also has the means to transport your job-ready equipment.


Partner From Beginning to End

When you receive your crane, our work is just beginning. Maxim Crane is committed to providing supporting services from the beginning to the end of your job to ensure a successful completion. Our team of experienced technicians & manufacturer partners provide 24/7 support.

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Crane Maintenance FAQs

Crane rental maintenance services refer to the range of services provided by crane rental companies or specialized maintenance providers to ensure the proper functioning, safety, and reliability of rental cranes. These services are aimed at maintaining the rented cranes in optimal condition throughout the rental period.

It’s important to note that the specific range of crane rental maintenance services may vary among providers.

Maxim Crane Works has a 24/7 commitment to service which means we respond quickly if your crane rental needs servicing. 

Maxim Crane partners with manufacturers such as:

  • Manitowoc Crane Group (CraneCare)
  • Linkbelt Construction Equipment Company
  • Liebherr Cranes, Inc.

Maxim Crane offers a complete crane rental service offering. We are committed to being a trusted partner and provide:

Common maintenance tasks performed on cranes may vary depending on the type of crane and its specific components. However, here are some general maintenance tasks that are performed are: inspections, lubrication, cleanings, component replacement, calibration & adjustment, electrical system maintenance, hydraulic system maintenance and more.

Crane maintenance typically requires specialized knowledge, skills, and equipment. While there may be some basic maintenance tasks that can be performed by crane operators or rental company personnel, it is generally recommended to hire professionals for more complex maintenance activities.

At Maxim, we understand that time is money and we are committed to reducing downtime for our equipment. Not only do we ensure our equipment is rental ready, but we also provide 24/7 technical support during the duration of your crane rental. 

Maintenance is crucial for crane rentals due to the following reasons:

  • Safety
  • Compliance & regulations
  • Reliability & efficiency
  • Longevity of equipment
  • Customer satisfaction

Maxim Crane Works stands out as a crane rental company because we provide maintenance support through our in house team and partners.