Operated & Maintained Crane Rentals

Maxim Crane Works has the right equipment and the right talent to provide comprehensive lifting solutions such as operated and maintained crane rentals.

Comprehensive Services

Maxim Crane has the resources to provide more than a bare crane rental. Our team is equipped with the expertise to provide set-up, transportation, operation and maintenance, so you don’t have to.

Decades of Experience

With almost a century of combined expertise, you can rest easy knowing Maxim Crane has the capability to provide a safe and efficient path forward for your project. 

Tailored Solutions

No matter the job, Maxim Crane offers personalized and comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients across various industries, including construction, industrial, and infrastructure development.

Hands-off approach to crane rentals. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Maxim’s operated & maintained crane rental services include:

Operated & Maintained Rentals

HOW DOES Operated & Maintained crane rentals WORK?

Operated & Maintained Rentals

Crane Equipment Selection

Maxim Crane's team assists with equipment selection based on capacities, accessibility, and availability. You'll get the right equipment at the right time thanks to our large fleet and coast-to-coast footprint.

Operated & Maintained Rentals

Operation & Maintenance

Our team will take care of the operation and maintenance of the crane during the rental so that you can stay focused on what you do best. Maxim's unparellelled services help reduce delays and maximize uptime.

Operated & Maintained Rentals

The Perfect Partner

As a trusted partner, Maxim Crane provides clear and effective communication to all parties with a focus on safe delivery and efficient operation of heavy lifting equipment. As a committed partner we provide 24/7 support through the duration of your rental. When Maxim Crane rises, we all rise together.

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Operated & Maintained Crane Rental FAQs

With a bare rental, the equipment alone is provided without any additional services. The customer is responsible for operating the crane and providing their own trained and certified operators.


In contrast, operated and maintained rentals include not only the rental of the crane but also the provision of trained and certified crane operators and maintenance personnel. The rental company takes on the responsibility of operating the crane with their experienced operators as well maintenance and service responsibilities.

Yes. Maxim Crane Works offers both types of crane rentals: Bare rentals and operated/maintained rentals. 

We can help you choose which option is best based on your budget, project, in-house resources and time constraints.

Consider your own resources and expertise. Do you have trained crane operators and maintenance personnel in-house? If not, an operated and maintained rental can save you the time and cost of hiring and training personnel, as the rental company will provide certified professionals as part of the package.

Additionally, if you are dealing with an intricate or complex project or have tight time constraints, an operated and maintained rental may be beneficial. 

An Operated and Maintained (O&M) Agreement is a contractual arrangement between a crane rental company, such as Maxim Crane Works, and a client. In an O&M Agreement, the rental company not only provides the crane but also includes the services of trained and certified crane operators and maintenance personnel. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including the duration, rates, responsibilities, and liabil

No. Operated/maintained services are an add-on to your crane rental. We do not provide stand alone operator services.

Our skilled team provides you certified and experienced operators to aid in successful completion of your project.

 The answer depends on specific project requirements and capabilities. Bare rentals are typically more cost-effective for clients who have their own trained crane operators and maintenance teams. In contrast, operated and maintained rentals save clients the hassle of hiring and training operators while benefiting from Maxim Crane Works’ personnel.