Professional and Experienced Project Mangement for your Lift

We possess the resources, experience, and equipment to keep your project on time, on budget, and delivered with unsurpassed quality.

Maxim Crane offers the capabilities to support you from ideation through completion, and at every step of the journey in between. We provide onsite management for clients and customers like you, with a focus on safety and an efficient project execution.

Project Planning

Project Execution


Project Management

Pre-Lift Planning

Maxim Crane provides comprehensive pre-lift planning services, which include project assessments, engineering and transportation services. The project managers work closely with clients to determine the necessary on-site equipment, transportation requirements, and personnel to execute the project safely and efficiently. With a wide range of crane types and engineering expertise, Maxim can create detailed lift plans that meet project specifications.

Project Management

On Time & On Budget Projects

Maxim Crane offers comprehensive support and expertise for crane projects, ensuring they stay on track and within budget. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address any concerns promptly, minimizing delays. Maintenance services are also available to keep equipment in optimal condition and offer proactive planning and coordination to mitigate risks and avoid costly surprises.

Project Management

The Perfect Partner

Maxim Crane is not only a trusted partner for your current lift project but a perfect partner even after the job is complete. Once you have worked with Maxim, you will have access to a dedicated team that can support your future projects. Maxim Crane's highly experienced project managers work collaboratively with clients, ensuring seamless operation and lift execution.

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Crane Project Management FAQs

Crane rental companies offer a range of project management services, including project assessment, engineering, transportation, onsite management, safety protocols, and ongoing support and maintenance.


Maxim Crane’s project assessment process entails working collaboratively with clients to understand the scope of the project, the project’s specifications, and requirements. The Maxim team determines the necessary on-site equipment, transportation, rigging, and personnel requirements for the efficient and safe execution of the lift.

Yes, Maxim Crane has highly experienced and skilled engineering teams capable of handling engineering requirements for all types of lift projects.

Yes, Maxim Crane offers comprehensive transportation planning services and can facilitate all the means of transportation required for the efficient and timely execution of lift projects.

Maxim Crane has one of the largest and most extensive fleets with a wide range of capabilities. We can help you decide on the right equipment for your lifting project. 

Project management services are vital in ensuring the efficient and safe execution of lift projects by providing experienced project managers, risk assessment, safety protocols, and ongoing support and maintenance.

Yes, Maxim Crane provides a detailed project plan before the lift execution, including the necessary equipment, transportation requirements, site preparation details, and safety protocols.