Carry Deck Crane Rentals

Experience unprecedented versatility with our carry deck crane rentals. These compact powerhouses effortlessly navigate through confined spaces. With their autonomous loading and unloading capabilities, our carry deck cranes streamline your operations, regardless of your project’s complexity. Rent a carry deck crane today!

Why Rent a Carry Deck Crane?

Carry Deck Rentals

Compact Design

With their compact, low-profile design, our carry deck cranes can function optimally in narrow spaces, solving your heavy lifting needs even in constrained environments.

carry deck crane rental

Easy & Simple Use

Save valuable project time with our carry deck cranes, which require no setup or take-down, allowing for immediate use upon delivery and easy return once your job is done.

Carry Deck Rentals

Versatile Use

Capable of loading and unloading materials autonomously, carry deck cranes streamline your operations and eliminate the need for multiple equipment, truly serving as a multi-job performer.

carry deck crane rentals

Carry Deck Crane Rentals

Carry deck crane rentals remarkably enhance your project execution with their multipurpose capabilities and easy mobility. These cranes are perfectly tailored for handling and positioning materials, making them invaluable for numerous on-site applications. With their compact design, carry deck cranes prove to be efficient even in confined spaces, leaders in completing complex tasks where larger equipment falls short. Navigating swiftly around obstacles, they eliminate the need for multiple equipment rentals, thus offering cost-efficiency and unparalleled productivity for your projects.

How to get started With Your Carry Deck Crane Rental


Customized Quote

Fill out our online form or call us toll-free, providing essential details like load capacity, reach needs, and project duration. We’ll produce a tailored bare rental or operated and maintained rental quote that fits your needs and budget.


Procure The Crane

Review the quotation and ensure it aligns with your project’s specifics, budget, and timeline. Once satisfied, we’ll facilitate the delivery and setup of the carry deck crane at your site, providing the ideal equipment and personnel for your project.


Ongoing Assistance

Benefit from our commitment to constant support, from the project kick-off to completion. Our team, in cooperation with our manufacturer partners, provides 24/7 support and prompt response to any queries or concerns.

FAQs about Carry Deck Cranes

A carry deck crane is a small, mobile crane system equipped with a large, open deck. Its primary function is to lift and transport heavy materials to specific locations. The compact and low-profile design allows for operations even in confined spaces, making these cranes ideal for lifting tasks that require navigating obstacles and maneuvering in tight spaces. They’re highly versatile, able to handle, transport and position loads on their own; therefore, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.

Carry deck cranes are used for handling and transporting heavy materials in various industries, especially in situations where space is limited or accessibility is an issue. These versatile cranes are particularly suitable for tasks such as:

1. Movement of large, heavy materials across short distances within a job site.
2. Raising and positioning of materials to high elevations or narrow spaces where traditional cranes may not be able to access.
3. Loading and unloading of equipment and materials due to its ease of maneuverability.
4. Projects that require continuous movement and relocation of materials.
5. Tasks in indoor and outdoor locations like factories, warehouses, construction sites, and industrial environments.

There are many reasons why you might need a carry deck crane. Perhaps you need to move heavy equipment or materials around your worksite, or maybe you need to lift and place something in a difficult-to-reach area. Whatever the reason, a carry deck crane can be a valuable tool.

Carry deck cranes are smaller and more maneuverable than traditional crane models, making them ideal for use in tight spaces or on rough terrain. They also typically have a lower lifting capacity than other types of cranes, so they may not be suitable for every job. But if you need to move something heavy and you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a carry deck crane can be a great solution.

The capacities of used carry decks can vary widely. In general, carry deck crane rentals can have a load capacity of 3-25 tons.

Determining the appropriate carry deck crane for your project involves a few key considerations:

1. Load Capacity: Assess the weight of your lifting materials.

2. Space Constraints: If operating space is tight, consider a more compact model.

3. Height and Reach: Identify how far and high your materials need to move.

4. Project Duration: Longer projects may warrant different rental or purchase decisions.

5. Terrain: Evaluate your site’s ground conditions.

For professional guidance tailored to your project, consult with a crane rental specialist at Maxim Crane.

To request a quote, simply contact us today and provide the necessary details about your project. Our team will review your request and provide a personalized quote based on your project’s requirements.

Renting a crane offers several advantages:

1. Cost Efficiency: Crane rentals can help save on costs associated with purchasing, storing, maintaining and insuring your own equipment.

2. Flexibility: You have the option to rent different types of cranes according to the specific requirements of each job, enabling you to handle a variety of projects effectively.

3. Maintenance Support: Crane rental companies typically handle maintenance and repair, reducing downtime and maintenance hassles.

4. No Storage Concerns: Storing large equipment like a crane is not a concern, as it’s returned to the rental company after use.

At Maxim Crane, we do offer operated & maintained crane rentals if you need the personnel. However, we also offer bare rental options.

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