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Maxim Crane Works is committed to bringing excellence in every area of our business. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team is dedicated to the success of your industrial lifting project. With our unparalleled commitment to safety, large and diverse fleet of cranes, and extensive rental services, Maxim Crane Works consistently provides the right crane in the right place at the right time.

Industrial Crane Application Specialists

From hydraulic truck cranes to all terrain and crawler cranes, Maxim Crane Works has a diverse fleet of heavy lifting equipment for a wide range of industrial projects. Our elite team of crane experts and operators have years of experience working with industrial customers and can help offer customized lifting solutions for construction, turnarounds, outages, and maintenance. With 60+ locations across the country, we can provide short and long-term crane rentals to various industrial customers.

industrial crane project at an oil refinery

The Maxim Crane Works Difference

Industrial Crane Rentals


Safety is a core value at the center of everything we do. Our safety database monitors trainings and certifications which helps support our zero accident philosophy.

Industrial Crane Rentals

Extensive Fleet

Maxim Crane Works has one of the largest and diverse fleets in the world. We pride ourselves in having readily available cranes when and where you need them.

Industrial Crane Rentals


At Maxim, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our partners. You will have a single point of contact on our team who understands the unique lifting needs in your industry.

Industrial Crane Rentals


Maxim Crane has decades of experience servicing industrial customers with a successful track record in the industrial industry. Our team offers invaluable insights from start to finish.

national footprint

National Footprint

Situated in 50+ locations across the United States, each branch can provide, rigging, engineering, transportation, and more – making Maxim’s product and service offerings the most far-reaching in the industry and across the country.

Industrial Crane Rentals

Comprehensive Services

From project management to engineering services, we have you covered. We have all the resources to support you and your heavy lifting project from crane operators to expedient service response times.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Maxim goes out of their way to provide that specific equipment. It’s always here on time and when it comes to the job, it’s in great working order. Now, as with any piece of mechanical equipment, it’s gonna break down and when it does, the service is immediate. Someone’s out there working on it right away and I’ve never been down without a hook to do the work we need to do.
Mike Herrmann
Senior Superintendent with Layton Construction Company
Whether it’s delivering a crane you know, assembling, dismantling a crane, they follow all the safety protocols that need to be followed. They really allow us to not have to worry about them. They take care of themselves. They help solve all the problems. They’ve got a lot of knowledge and people all across the country.
Giles Galbraith
Operations Manager, Dugan and Meyers Construction
Your sales staff John Verbonach, Roy Meyerl and James Workman did an excellent job of sizing the cranes and controlling costs, and your operators J. Guarnieri, C. Hilderbrand, J. Gebert, and D. Manown did an excellent job of using the cranes to their full potential. During the course of the job all of your personnel followed our Site Specific Safety policies and procedures. I look forward to working with the Maxim team on future jobs.
Craig S. Beck
Field Superintendent, Stevens Painton Corporation

Industrial Crane Rental FAQs

Industrial heavy lifting refers to the process of lifting and moving large, heavy objects or loads within industrial settings. It involves the use of specialized equipment, machinery, and techniques to handle and transport heavy materials, machinery, and components. Industrial heavy lifting is essential in industries such as construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and transportation, where there is a need to move bulky and weighty items efficiently and safely.


Examples of industrial customers include:

  • Power plants
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Oil refineries
  • Power plants
  • Chemical processing plants

These companies often require special heavy lifting equipment to perform turnarounds, maintenance, and fix outages.

Turnarounds, also known as TAR, refer to the periodic shutdowns of industrial plants for comprehensive maintenance, inspections, and upgrades/renewals. Cranes are used during turnarounds for tasks such as lifting and positioning large process equipment, dismantling, removing and replacing piping systems, installing or removing vessels, and handling heavy machinery. They assist in the efficient and safe execution of these activities, ensuring smooth plant shutdown and restart.

Outages refer to unplanned shutdowns or unexpected interruptions in industrial operations, often due to equipment failures or emergencies. Cranes are instrumental in outages for emergency response, such as lifting and removing damaged or malfunctioning equipment, positioning temporary support structures, and assisting with emergency repairs. They aid in the quick and effective resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and minimizing potential production losses.

Maintenance activities, both planned and unplanned, are routine in industrial facilities. Cranes are frequently employed for maintenance tasks such as structural maintenance; equipment replacement such as motors, pumps, and valves; lifting and replacing heavy machinery parts; accessing elevated areas for repairs; and transporting maintenance tools and equipment. Cranes provide the necessary lifting capacity and maneuverability to complete maintenance tasks efficiently and safely.

Because industrial projects often are in rural areas, all-terrain and rough terrain cranes are typically needed. Industrial customers often rent other types of mobile cranes due to their versatility and ability to move around the job site including carry deck cranes and hydraulic truck cranes. Tower cranes are another frequently rented crane.

There are a few considerations when choosing the right crane to rent including:

  • Lifting capacity/ weight of the load
  • Reach of the crane
  • Working environment such as terrain

If you are still unsure of the perfect crane, our knowledgeable sales team can help.

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