Heavy Hauling Equipment

Maxim Crane Works transportation division administers the most efficient and safest heavy hauling equipment. We specialize in transporting over-dimensional cargo across the United States on-time and under budget.

Trail King Dual Lane Transport

Dual Lane Transport is a 225 foot long trailer with telescoping axles that extend from 14 to 20 feet. It offers suspension beams, perimeter deck, dollies, and bolster options. It is well qualified for hauling over-dimensional loads for long distances. Whether it is big or small, Maxim’s dual-lane trailer can haul it all.

Modular Trailers

Goldhofer THP and PST modular trailers pack a pull when the going gets heavy. Suitable for hauling ultra heavy loads on public roads, construction sites, and inside plant operations. With a 36 metric ton per axle load, these trailers are designed to haul whatever you need moved.

Trail King 13-Axle

13-Axle is an 85 ton, 13-axle trailer with a West Coast style booster at the rear, and a hydraulic detachable gooseneck. The booster is called West Coast because of its unique design that is recognized in California. This trailer can be used to haul a plethora of machinery, equipment, vessels, and objects up to 150,000 pounds.