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At Maxim Crane Works we have one of the largest inventories of crane rental equipment in the world, meaning we can find the right equipment your projects requirements.


Your “One stop shop” for all your lifting needs

With branches in over 60 locations we are able to provide crane rental and equipment leasing services anywhere within the United States. Maxim Crane Works has the crane for you, whether you require a rough terrain crane, tower crane, conventional truck crane, hydraulic truck crane, crawler crane, industrial crane or boom truck.

Rent a crane with us and we will offer you an inclusive service, including full maintenance options, risk management, safety and insurance programs, financing options and competitive crane rental prices; as well as staff and resources to help you complete any project.

Maxim Crane provides the most comprehensive service in the industry. Inquire today to find out more about our professional, high quality crane rental service.

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The Maxim Crane Works commitment to “Continuous Improvement” through an ever expanding fleet, CCO Certified Operators, a Zero Accident Policy and a team that is committed to providing customers with the crane and services that meet or exceed their needs has made Maxim Crane Works the #1 Crane Rental company in the United States.

Lifting Capacity: 100-800 Tons

Our All Terrain Cranes are highly versatile and used in all our end markets. We offer high-quality cranes by top manufacturers like Grove and Liebherr.

Lifting Capacity: 0-200 Tons

Our Rough Terrain Cranes have large off-road tires to provide enhanced stability along with lift and carrying capabilities. As a result, our Rough Terrain Cranes work in varied job site conditions and have broad applications across end markets.

Lifting Capacity: 80-2,535 Tons

Our Crawler Crane Equipment has lift capacities ranging from 80 to 2,535 tons and is typically concentrated on larger, long-term projects across our end markets.

Lifting Capacity: 17-35 Tons

We offer a range of tower crane rentals that have a high lift capacity capable of reaching final hook heights in excess of 1000 feet. Our tower crane lift capacity range is between 8 to 35 tons, with higher capacity options available for special applications.

Lifting Capacity: 14-30 Tons

As well as being versatile and reliable, boom trucks are designed to provide important functions that, when combined, are extremely useful for most daily construction sites.

Lifting Capacity: 7.5-15 Tons

Carry Decks are light mobile cranes that have a rated lift capacity of 8 to 25 tons. These smaller cranes are primarily used in industrial plants, but also have applications in bridge building and other general infrastructure construction.

Lifting Capacity: 40-110 Tons

We provide a range of highly versatile Hydraulic Truck Cranes to be used in all of our end markets for both short-term and long-term projects. Our Hydraulic Truck Cranes have rated lift capacities ranging from 40 to 100 tons.