Layton Construction + Maxim Crane: A One-Stop Shop Relationship

Layton Construction + Maxim Crane: A One-Stop Shop Relationship
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Our single-point-of-contact model combined with our localized crane expertise allows project leaders, like Mike Herrmann from Layton Construction, to focus on all aspects of a job while we take care of the cranes. Hear more from Mike and Micah from Maxim Crane about their long-standing relationship and the value it brings to the job site.

Layton Construction: The words that come to mind when I think of Maxim Crane, are really professionalism, reliability, and dependability. You know, we’re not all crane experts so when I’ve got a specific pick or a specific need calling Maxim up, it’s like, here you go, tell me what I need and it takes a lot of pressure off of me to do that work. It’s without question, you know, if you’re going to call and look for a crane, Maxim’s number one in my book.

Layton Construction: I’m Mike Herrmann, Senior Superintendent with Layton Construction Company. Been in the business for over forty years, with Layton for the last ten. Working with Maxim Crane over the years, specifically the last four years on a three building project that we’re doing here, and even prior to Layton, I’ve used Maxim throughout the country actually on different projects.

Layton Construction: It’s a one call deal and the job is done. I get the equipment I need. They know what I need and they take care of me.

Maxim Crane Works: My name’s Micah Butler. I’m a Sales Rep here at Maxim, been here for four years. I’ve been in the crane business for twelve. So my job is to assess the situation and take all the stress off the customer.

Maxim Crane Works: They have the whole job that they’re worried about, you know, and so for me to come in and just take this portion of the job and they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Maxim Crane Works: It’s a great working relationship and whenever they call, it’s not a dreaded phone call, it’s a what do they need, how can I serve them today.

Layton Construction: You know, a lot of company’s, you got a sales guy. He’s gonna come out there and he’s gonna try to get you the piece of equipment that you want.

Layton Construction: With Micah, Micah’s kind of a one stop shop. Yeah, he’s a salesman, but, he also knows the equipment, he knows what it takes. He can come out here and measure and calculate weights and figure out what’s really gonna be required.

Layton Construction: Maxim goes out of their way to provide that specific equipment. It’s always here on time and when it comes to the job, it’s in great working order. Now, as with any piece of mechanical equipment, it’s gonna break down and when it does, the service is immediate. Someone’s out there working on it right away and I’ve never been down without a hook to do the work we need to do.

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