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Maxim and Hoffman Construction - Working Together Video
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Maxim Crane Works is partnering with Hoffman Construction on a major manufacturing facility construction project in Arizona. Maxim is supplying a full range of cranes for the project, including tower, all-terrain, rough-terrain, and crawler cranes. Watch this video how Maxim and Hoffman work together to ensure the project’s success.

Mike Lindell, Hoffman Construction Company: Making the decision to go with Maxim, I would say on the front end is the willingness and the ability to find the solution. So on this project specifically, we needed a lot of cranes. We needed them quickly. They asked questions about what we want to accomplish versus just relying on us as the Builder to provide all the information. 

Isaac Brown, Hoffman Construction Company: What I like about working with Maxim is that I have one point of contact that I bring our needs to. I provide him with the information that he needs and then he can take it to your guy’s in-house engineering and come up with the plans and load charts everything we need to know that we can successfully make the pick. 

Mike White, Hoffman Construction Company: When we first started the project, the equipment that we had out here was fairly new. We did also have some equipment that was a little bit aged but in very good working condition. Having an on-site mechanic to be able to meet our needs out here if we do have a machine that goes down. When there’s a problem, they’re on the spot. They’re fixing the problem so that we can keep our project going.

Hoffman Construction Company: Maxim sees safety as a value. it’s not just a priority, it’s a value you represented. You want your people to be safe and efficient. You understand that that’s how you operate. And that culture resonates with ours. 

Mike White, Hoffman Construction Company: So Maxim safety on this project, one of the benefits that we have out here is we have an on-site supervisor from Maxim that makes safety a priority and does a great job with leading his crew members at the beginning of the day with a safety message. And then we also have on-site safety support from Maxim where if we do see an issue or we think we might have an issue, he responds to make sure that our subcontractors and our superintendents are working safely out there and have the best plan to execute the work. 

Brian Smith, Maxim Crane Works: Maxim collectively and Hoffman as a pair, really care about safety. Safety is not just a word here, it’s a culture. If you go anywhere else in the United States and you step foot onto a job site, it doesn’t feel the same as this one. And we take a lot of pride in the fact that we send our people home safe every day.

Isaac Brown, Hoffman Construction Company: If another general contractor called me and asked me, what do I think about Maxim, I’d tell them their great company to work with. They come to the job with lots of resources, with good people with a good safety culture. I mean, we have challenges out there and that’s what we need. We need a partner that we can go to and they come through and provide what we need.

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