Decades of National Partnership: Maxim Crane + Turner Construction

Dave Bareswilt, Project Manager for Turner Construction Company
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For more than 30 years, Maxim Crane and Turner Construction have been building everything from skyscrapers to hospitals, airports, and stadiums together. Learn more as David Bareswilt from Turner Construction and Scott Gerding from Maxim Crane share the background on the partnership and highlight a recent stadium job in Cincinnati.

Turner Construction Company: Maxim is professional. When we call and say, “Hey, this is what we’re looking to do,” within days we get a response. That professionalism of understanding what we’re trying to accomplish and being able to work with us, with their skillset and their equipment, those are the kind of partners we look for in a job.

It’s not someone who’s going to come in and yeah, we’ll get it done. No, we’re going to get it done. We’re going to get it done right. We’re going to make sure we plan ahead. And we’re thinking about every aspect to get this thing done properly.

My name is Dave Bareswilt. I’m a Project Manager, Turner Construction Company. I’ve been with Turner for almost 20 years now. My experience with Maxim really dates back to when I started with Turner.

We’ve always had Maxim cranes on projects, but I think the last two projects that I worked on were really heavy construction, and larger contracts with Maxim for a tower crane. And just recently at TQL Stadium, Maxim really helped us sequence our plan and service us through the construction of the stadium.

Maxim Crane Works: I’m Scott Gerding. I’ve been with Maxim over 20 years now. I’m part of our National Strategic Account Group.

So Turner and Maxim go back many years, 30, 40 plus. We’ve done a tremendous amount of work with Turner throughout the country, skyscrapers, stadiums, airports, hospitals, major projects.

As far as the FC Cincinnati Soccer Stadium, huge project with Turner. We had over 15 cranes of various sizes on that project, ranging from 300 ton crawlers, 275 ton crawlers, tele crawlers, rough terrains, all terrains. A variety of our fleet was on that project.

With a customer of the magnitude of Turner, we like to think we can support them nationally with our 61 branches, our huge fleet of 2,500 cranes, our engineering department, sales force, service department, safety department. We think we can provide them with a good safe product anywhere in the country.

Turner Construction Company: They have your end goal in mind. They know how to do things the right way. They’re going to plan it, execute it, and complete the job by whatever means necessary.

The relationship with people that you can count on, people that you know have your best interests in mind, that’s the kind of partnership you look for, right? It’s someone that says, “Hey, I know you need us, but we need you and we need to be successful together.”

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