Stadium Rebranding – Paycor Stadium

Maxim Crane outside of Paycore Stadium during rebranding project
Play Video about Maxim Crane outside of Paycore Stadium during rebranding project

We were part of a team who mounted new signage on Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, home of the Cincinnati Bengals. We are proud of our experience working on stadium projects across the country and particularly proud to work on our hometown stadium!

Hi, I’m Jerry Short. I’m with Maxim Crane, I’ve been in sales for seven years here.

We’ve got our Grove 5250 XL it’s a 300-ton crane. We’ve got approximately 300 foot of stick. We’re picking a 9,000 pound Paycor sign – we’re rebranding the stadium here.

We are here working for JDL Warm. They’ve been part of the stadium for years. We’ve helped them extensively here in the last two years to revitalize a lot of the stadium’s needs. Maxim Crane, 25 years ago built this Stadium.

We had four tower cranes in here, and, unique to the situation – they were on tracks we also had multiple crawlers and hydraulic cranes. So here we are full terms 25 years later it was Paul Brown Stadium then, it’s being rebranded today as Paycor Stadium.

We also have our hands in the Atlanta Stadium, and we also built the FC Stadium here in Cincinnati, so we’re not just localized, we’re regional and we’re national we’re helping all the stadiums across the country to make their dreams come true and revitalize some of their stadiums or build new ones across the country.

So, it’s exciting to work on projects like this. I mean, I see a lot of different job sites every day and when you get to your hometown and you get to be part of a stadium like this in rebranding it with, you know, the home of the Bengals. Then it just really drives home it gives you some satisfaction that you know you didn’t just wake up and put your shoes on. You actually went out and made a real difference in in our community made a real difference in the skyline here in Cincinnati.

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