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True Partnership: Maxim Crane + VBC
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When long-time Maxim client, the Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) and the VBC Giving Foundation needed lifting services for their pilot program for building affordable housing for underrepresented communities, we were ready to help out. Learn more about Maxim’s partnership with VBC.

VBC: We need a partner that we can count on. That has the right equipment and the right operators, when we need them, where we need them, here and across the country.

VBC: We can trust Maxim Crane Works because they have the right equipment. They have the right operators. Safety is their number one goal.

VBC: Hi, I’m Dana Spain. I’m the President of the board of directors of the VBC Giving Foundation. And we’re here today at the Duffield Veterans Village our pilot program with our mission to combat the housing crisis in America by building affordable housing using modular construction systems, for our most vulnerable populations.

VBC: So we’re really bringing the community together, to get this off the ground, but specifically to get this out of the ground, we can’t build it without a crane. So our friends at Maxim Crane, were generous and donated a crane for the full set and saved us, in the neighborhood of $25,000.

Maxim Crane Works: My name’s Jack Good. I am the regional sales manager for Maxim Crane. With VBC, they are a perfect partner. They are a customer that is very loyal to us. They allow us to build a relationship and go after future work together as a team and a partnership.

VBC: It’s a win-win for VBC, the giving foundation and Maxim as well as our other sponsors and partners. So this is the beginning of a truly expansive relationship between us and Maxim so that we can bring lots and lots of housing out of the ground here in Philadelphia at the region and across the nation.


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