Maxim Crane Partnership With Dugan & Meyers

Maxim Crane partnership with Dugan & Meyers Video Testimonial
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We hold the relationships we create with our clients in the highest regard. Dugan & Meyers is no exception. We have been working with Dugan & Meyers for years and will continue to do everything we can to be their perfect partner for success in their business.

Dugan & Meyers: When somebody asked me about cranes you know I refer them to Maxim Crane all the time. They’re very reliable, very safe, got a wide variety of equipment, and they’re quick to react as needed. 

Dugan & Meyers: My name is Giles Galbraith I’m with Dugan and Meyers Construction. I’m the operations manager here in Cincinnati and I’ve been with Dugan and Meyers for 36 years. 

Dugan & Meyers: I really feel that everyone here at Maxim Crane really cares about us, our projects, and they really want us to be successful at what we do.

Maxim Crane Works: My name is Scott Gerding. I’m Director of National Strategic Accounts here at Maxim and I’ve been with the company for 20 years now. 

Maxim Crane Works: Our relationship with Dugan and Meyers over the past 20 years has been phenomenal. The loyalty and the dedication of Maxim has been compared to none. From starting to obviously both companies being smaller and growing together through the friendship we’ve had, building trust over those years through providing a good safe product for the client has really built our relationship.

Dugan & Meyers: We do a wide variety of work. We’re a heavy commercial contractor. We do a lot of hotels, hospitals, high rises, mixed use structures, parking garages, stadiums, and we use cranes on all of our projects. 

Dugan & Meyers: We’ve worked with Maxim Crane for 20 plus years… 30 plus years and have been renting all kinds of different size cranes.

Maxim Crane Works: We really strive to be their perfect partner whether it’s servicing the whole country with our 60 plus locations, 2500 plus cranes.  We like to provide a safe piece of equipment on time when you need it and we think that grows reliability amongst our partnership.

Dugan & Meyers: Whether it’s delivering a crane you know, assembling, dismantling a crane, they follow all the safety protocols that need to be followed. They really allow us to not have to worry about them. They take care of themselves. They help solve all the problems. They’ve got a lot of knowledge and people all across the country. So if somebody here in Cincinnati can’t help us they always got somebody else to reach out to to help solve the problems

Dugan & Meyers: I would highly recommend Maxim Crane to anyone in the industry.

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