Empowering Employees to Embrace a Safety-First Culture

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Three Short Videos in Honor of Construction Safety Week 2024 Share Maxim Crane’s Unwavering Commitment to Safety

From a real, day-to-day, practical perspective, what is the value of placing safety first for an organization such as Maxim Crane?

In three new short videos released in honor of Construction Safety Week 2024, Maxim Crane leaders focus on the essence of safety – collaboration, caring for one another, and most importantly, empowering any employee to stop work when they see a potential safety issue.

In the first video,  Dustin Gramenz, a National Sales Executive with Maxim Crane, says it all starts with close collaboration with vendors and clients to identify what safety means to each organization, and to partner together to make safety the highest priority on every job.

Dustin Gramenz, a National Sales Executive with Maxim Crane on the job site
Play Video about Dustin Gramenz, a National Sales Executive with Maxim Crane on the job site

Sam Krause, operations manager for Maxim Crane, makes it clear in a second video that every voice matters – at every job site, in the yard at every Maxim branch location, and in every Maxim office. “If any employee sees anything that concerns them about safety, they have the ability to stop work immediately until its resolved.”

Sam Krause, operations manager for Maxim Crane
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In the third video, Maxim Crane’s Andy Elliott, sub-regional safety representative, says what safety really boils down to is caring for your fellow human being – for your fellow co-worker and for those with whom you’re working on a job site or in the yard at a Maxim Crane branch location. 

“I live by the root principle that we must bring empathy to our work,” said Andy. “Collectively, we must work together to ensure everyone’s safety, realizing that everyone we work with has a family or maybe has kids.”

Andy Elliott, sub-regional safety representative for Maxim Crane
Play Video about Andy Elliott, sub-regional safety representative for Maxim Crane

To instill safety within the Maxim Crane culture, the company is continuously seeking to improve in the area of safety. It’s the company’s No. 1 priority and it’s an area that it seeks to be a leader in. It’s doing so by:

  • Valuing Every Voice – If any employee sees something, however small, that may risk the safety of another person, either at a Maxim Crane facility or on a jobsite where Maxim is offering its lift solutions, they are encouraged to say something.
  • Stop Work Authority – Empowering every employee to “stop work immediately” until a safety concern is resolved.
  • Collaborating with Customers – Working with every customer to collaboratively identify and reduce safety risks. Subject jobs, from inception to completion, to multiple levels of pre-planning, which may include pre-lift job walks, daily risk assessment meetings, job hazard analysis, or audits performed by all levels of management.
  • Investing in Training and Development – Completing the ConstructSecure Independent Safety Assessment Program and achieving the Platinum Safety Award for the trade in the Cranes and Hoists category. We continue to invest heavily in safety training for every member of our company.
  • Leveraging Cutting Edge Technologies – Implementing new software to identify and mitigate safety risks and investing in new equipment featuring the latest in safety technology, Maxim Crane will explore opportunities to innovate to achieve its safety goals.
  • Dedicating a Team to Safety – Employing one of the largest, most experienced, and qualified safety teams in our industry to drive safety awareness and improvements throughout our organization.

Saying you’re committed to safety is one thing, making a commitment and following up with actual actions that improve safety every day is another. The proof is in the numbers.

Maxim Crane’s dedication to safety has repeatedly been recognized by Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) over the past 10 years in the organization’s annual Crane & Rigging Group Safety Awards. In March 2024, the SC&RA, an international organization comprised of more than 1,350 members from 46 nations, was honored in three categories: The SC&RA Crane & Rigging Group Safety Award, the SC&RA Fleet Safety Award, and the SC&RA Fleet Safety Improvement Award.

Maxim Crane’s commitment to safety is unwavering. Its top priority is ensuring that every employee goes home safely.

To learn more about Maxim Crane’s dedication to safety, click here.

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