Project Spotlight: Opryland Hotel Water Park

Maxim Crane are setting the truss system that has the ventilation built in for the new inside water park at Opryland Hotel. We have the LTM 1350 (400 Ton AT) operated by Terry White / Tim White and the ATF130 (130 Ton AT) operated by Matt Hetrick / Justin Tobin. They are connecting the two pieces to make up the span. We had three spans and set one per day. Each piece weight was 45k and was 80ft long. In the back ground doing structure work along with pouring concrete is the GR750XL (75 Ton RT) operated by Jesse Connolly and a ATF100G4 (110 Ton) operated by Rick Tekemple.

The water park will be called Sound Waves and is set to open in the Fall of 2018. The Hotel is the largest convention hotel in the united states outside Vegas. It is a $90million dollar project that should increase local revenue by 4.6 million annually.


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