Memorial Day: Maxim Crane Works Celebrates Veterans

Memorial Day is a day dedicated to remembering and honoring those who have given their lives in service of our country as well as all veterans who have sacrificed themselves and time with their families to maintain our country’s individual rights and freedoms. At Maxim Crane, we salute U.S. veterans across the country and recognize your sacrifice, bravery, and dedication to serving our country.  

Today, we see a wide variety of celebrations for Memorial Day.
Founded as “Decoration Day” following the American Civil War, recognition and celebrations include laying flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers, parades through the streets featuring veterans’ groups in uniform, the raising and waving American flags, and ceremonial 21- gun salutes at cemeteries.

Memorial Day means a lot to the team at Maxim. The construction industry has historically been a favorite career plan for U.S. veterans, and Maxim is proud to be included. We intentionally focus recruiting efforts on increasing our veteran team members by participating in vet-focused online job fairs and recruiting from vet-focused career websites.

Military veterans and the construction industry are a perfect match because veterans bring transferable leadership, management, and technical skills with them from their military service. No matter their rank or position, veterans understand how to quickly earn the trust of their peers and undertake a leadership position. Each and every veteran is familiar with the necessity to think outside the box, given that they are often tasked with issues that require complex problem-solving. All these skills come from serving in a constantly changing environment that enabled them to become masters of flexibility and adaptability, two key factors needed in the construction industry.

Maxim Crane Works honors its veteran workers this Memorial Day. We hold our veteran team members in highest esteem and thank them for their service to our country, not only on this special day, but every day.

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