Maxim/AmQuip Win Construction Excellence Award for Tower Crane Innovation

Maxim/AmQuip won the Construction Excellence Award for Tower Crane Innovation for the new Comcast building project. Contracted to furnish the tower crane on the concrete core of the new Comcast building, Maxim/AmQuip provided a unique solution, which involved the engineering and fabricating of an outrigger system that supports the crane and attached to the outisde of the concrete core. Additionally, the team designed and fabricated support bracing inside the core to carry the loads. There were two outrigger support systems attaching the crane to the core. Prior to each climb, a third outrigger support bracing was attached to the core. Once the crane climbed to 87 feet, the bottom support bracing was removed. This process continued throughout the job until the crane reached a final height of 1,100 feet above street level. “Countless hours were put into the design and fabrication of the support system by Dennis Bates and the tower division. After the product was completed at the Birmingham, AL facility the logisitcs and installation process began,” stated National Operations Manager Jimmy Fortenberry. “Chris Good and I knew a project manager was needed since we couldn’t handle the constant demand and maintain basic daily functions, so we brought in the local Superintendent Pat Crawford. We worked with Pat before on previous projects, and knew his expertise would be of great assistance to the project. Overall, the combined efforts alleviated the project’s challenges and presented solutions for the customer,” continued Fortenberry.

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