Maxim/AmQuip Help Eagle's Soar High in Super Bowl Parade

Hundreds of thousands of Eagles fans poured into Philadelphia Thursday morning, waiting to be part of history, to help celebrate a championship some thought would never come. The low 20’s temperatures did not deter them in taking their viewing spots for the city’s first Super Bowl parade, some arriving before dawn. The parade started by the team’s stadium and ran up Broad Street, ending at the art museums famous steps.
With the help of the World Champions in crane rental services, Maxim Crane/AmQuip helped the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles soar high in celebration. Maxim/AmQuip supplied a Tadano ATF-220G-5 all terrain crane and Local 542 Bill Heinar and John Mongen Jr operated the crane to hoist the Philadelphia Eagles flag high over the parade route.
Joe Pace, Maxim/AmQuip Sales Representative stated, “This wasn’t just a parade, it was a Celebration for the Ages. Many people have literally waited their whole lives to enjoy a SUPERBOWL victory. This had a true storybook ending based on the underdogs who shocked the world!”
“It was truly an amazing time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Watching the game with my 15 year-old and hugging him after the Eagles won in dramatic fashion was one of the best feelings of my life. He cried like a baby from the excitement, holding him in that moment I knew it was a time in our lives we will never forget. Then cappingit off with the best sports parade I have ever been too and seeing the enjoyment on his face was priceless.” stated Gordon Beyerle, Maxim/AmQuip Sales Representative
Mark Baker, Maxim/AmQuip Crane Rental Specialist, Central/Northern New Jersey summed up the special day, “Becoming World Champions, winning the Lombardy trophy stamped in my heart forever, we are the city of “Brotherly Love”! The parade was day which each and every in attendance will always remember. The Parade brought us all together, regardless of gender, race or belief. The parade brought unity. The parade proved that Philadelphia is a great place, and in many view, the best city in America.
I personally thank the city for providing my family with a lifetime of wonderful memories, and I thank the Philadelphia Eagles for making our dreams come true.”


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