A Look Back at 2016

In 2016, Maxim Crane continued to rise up in the lifting and crane service industry providing the most efficient, quality service with a customer-centric approach.
“Our mission as a company is driven by our customers,” said Frank Bardonaro, COO of Maxim Crane. “It’s an approach that resonates with our customers because they see the benefits of our work in terms of service quality, faster turnaround and reduced risk.”
This approach is what sets Maxim Crane apart in the industry. The company’s dedication to continuous service improvement, along with safe operations and a committed team has made Maxim Crane a leading enterprise through the years and into 2017.
“Maxim’s success story has allowed us to evolve into a premier service provider in the specialized lifting and hauling industry,” Bardonaro said. “This position as an industry leader was reached because of our people and our close bond with our customers.”
“From day one, Maxim Crane has been driven by the mission to provide efficient, quality solutions for our customers,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane. “That commitment is applied on a daily basis in things such as our relentless commitment to our safety culture, providing cost-effective solutions, supplying the largest diverse fleet of lifting solutions in America and providing the most capable personnel in the industry.”
It’s been an outstanding year for the Maxim Crane team. Watch highlights from our biggest projects in 2016.

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