Lifting the Role of Women Professionals at Maxim Makes All Boats Rise Together

For many years, decades in fact, the construction industry has been dominated by men, both in the field and in the office. 

Little by little, from year to year, that’s been changing for the good. And while there may still be a way to go, it’s become quite clear that the talent of women, working on a jobsite and in the office, is steadily lifting up the construction and the heavy-lifting industry.

There’s no clearer example of this than here at Maxim Crane. At all levels of the company, from those working in the company’s 50+ branches across the country to the women who are at the “top of the world,” operating one of our tower cranes, women employees are making their presence known. 

As more women join the company and move up its ranks, the Maxim Crane of five, ten, or twenty years from now will look much different, just as today’s Maxim Crane looks much different than it did 37 years ago when Virginia Price joined the company.

Virginia Price, employee of Maxim Crane Works
Virginia Price

“The industry has changed 180 degrees since I started working for the company in 1987,” said Price, who serves as a fixed asset controller and is based in the Wilder, Kentucky office. “Maxim, like much of the industry, is a completely different work environment today.” 

“I absolutely agree with Virginia,” added Evette Kane, who is a union benefits manager working out of the company’s Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) office. Kane started as a sales assistant for Maxim Crane 22 years ago. “I have definitely seen a bunch of positive changes over the years. I think all the women who work for Maxim know that if we succeed, then other women succeed, and we’re all succeeding.”

But there’s more to this story than women being accepted in the workplace and included in decision-making. 

We’ve Got Your Back

What connects all the pieces at Maxim is a sisterhood of women employees who have each other’s backs, combined with a shift in mindset at Maxim that takes into account the entire person. 

For example, five years ago, Kane’s daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was six years old. After explaining the new reality of her daughter’s health care, Kane said she immediately felt an understanding among her co-workers, men and women, to care for her daughter. 

“They don’t make you feel bad for being a mom or being a wife and having other responsibilities other than your position here,” Kane said. “They realize you’re a whole person and they allow you to feel comfortable enough to take care of all your different responsibilities.”

Evette Kane, female employee at Maxim Crane Works
Evette Kane

Growing Your Career

So, is Maxim a great place to work for women? Is it the kind of place where a woman cannot only do her career-best work but also know that there is an opportunity that awaits them?

On this point, Price and Kane agree again – yes, absolutely. And they’ll be the first to welcome more women to join Maxim. 

“I started as a sales assistant, then moved to fixed assets, and now I’m in human resources. So, would I recommend Maxim to other women? I definitely would. I would say that if women are looking for a place where their talents are going to be used and respected, this is the place. People here want you to learn and they’re willing to help you move into another position. It’s a great place for women to work in the field, in operations or supporting roles.”

Building America; Building Successful Careers

For these women, there’s pride in being part of a bigger team that is literally building America and its communities. 

“I live in the Pittsburgh area, and when I drive around town with my kids,” said Kane, “they’re always pointing to the cranes and saying “Mom, is that one of your cranes?” and I say, “Do you see the X?” And they say, “Yes,” and get all excited. To literally see some bare land and then to watch a hospital or a stadium go up with our cranes – that’s amazing to me. And then when my friends, family, or acquaintances ask me about working for Maxim, the company with the tower cranes – they’re amazed, too.”

“Listen, every background is needed at this company. We need accountants, HR people, engineers, crane operators – we need them all to make our company successful,” added Kane, “You really can come here and be successful as well.”

Disclaimer Statement:

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