I-77 Bridge – 500 Ton with Superlift

Just south of Cleveland, Maxim was asked to assist on a project which required demolition of structural beams underneath a busy interstate highway overpass. From July 9th to July 13th, I-490 was shut down between 7PM to 6AM each day to demolish the bridges’ old beams and before setting the new beams. Due to I-490 being completely shut down, this put the Maxim crew on a very tight schedule with no room for any kind of delays. There were four structural beams per side. Oversized trucks traveled down carrying the large beams to replace the old ones.

Maxim demolitioned the existing beams, and then set the new structural beams over the four-night operation on both sides of I-77. The Superlift was needed in order for the crane to have the capacity to pick the beams with the boom length of 169′ at an 85′ radius. The beams were 145′ length, and the heaviest was 87,600 pounds. Craig Roberts was the operator each night on the machine. Everything went seamlessly throughout the four days, mission accomplished!


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