2020 Safety Awards from SCCA

SCCA Awards - Maxim Crane Team

Safety is a core value at Maxim Crane, and we live it every day in everything thing we do. Our customers benefit from our dedication to a Zero Accident Philosophy, which is why we weren’t surprised when the SCCA awarded us with Excellence in Accident Prevention: Zero Incidents and the Safe Driving Mileage Award: 50-99k Miles (John T) for 2020! 

Established in 1974, the SCCA (Southern California Contractors Association) is a volunteered-led and governed by our members comprised of union-affiliated contractor businesses and affiliate construction industry service providers. The SCCA’s mission is to maintain high professional standards among construction contractors by encouraging sound business methods, efficiency, and cooperation between contractors, raising the industry standard. 

The SCCA is an aggressive and relevant organization having established credibility, unparalleled labor services, and strong Membership network amidst the highly competitive Southern California construction marketplace. 

We were deeply honored to be recognized for the measures we take to ensure that our clients, their jobsites, and our employees are stay safe in the work we provide. Employing one of the largest experienced and qualified staff in our industry that practice safety procedures like pre-lift job walks, daily risk assessment meetings, job hazard analysis, audits performed by all levels of management, and many more, gives us great pride in our work. 

We also had a pretty good time. It’s always fun to be recognized for the hard work we do. 


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