Maxim Crane Offer 24/7 Turnkey Rental Solutions

The success of any project derives from the operational planning and developing of solutions that meet customers’ demands. In order to attain success, it is essential to understand the sheer scale of necessary work, and continuously provide innovative solutions and management capabilities. Serving customers across the nation, Maxim Crane understands the work and provides 24/7 turnkey rental solutions that achieve maximum results for customers. No matter how complex and challenging the tasks are Maxim Crane delivers exceptional value to every project.
Maxim Crane provides a unique mix of turnkey services and specialized rental equipment that focuses on maximizing productivity and cost of projects. “Each project consists of different demands, which is why we are continuously adapting newer methods in order to accommodate to each customers’ unique requests. We do everything in our power to assist our customers to come in under or on budget with everything in our control,” stating Vice President of the Crawler Division, Robert Schultz. “Maxim has a large variety of equipment that can provide from 8 A? ton carry decks to 2,535 ton crawler cranes as well as specialized transport trailers that allow our customers to work efficiently, effectively and safely. Also, we have a very experienced staff of maintenance personnel, operating crews and management support that gives our clients the comfort necessary to complete their projects on time and on budget. Our main objective here at Maxim for all of our customers is to create efficiencies to have a successful project,” continued Schultz.
“The success of any project is a direct result of keeping it safely organized, on budget and on time. Maxim’s ability to supply our clients with superb equipment, knowledgeable and experienced safety and management staff allows them to stream line their focus on the project at hand with the comfort that Maxim will keep everyone safe and focused,” stated Frank Bardonaro, COO of Maxim. “We can build a system that meets demands and maximizes customers’ successes, no matter how complex. We pride ourselves on the ability to consistently offer diverse solutions for our customers and achieve their goals. With our one-stop capabilities, we are customers’ rental solution,” continued Bardonaro.
Maxim Crane Works is the most full-service, coast-to-coast provider of 24/7 turnkey rental solutions in the North American market. As the Maxim Crane team continues to grow, adding industry experts and specialized equipment, they are catering to more regional and national needs of customers, ensuring they are provided with unmatched safety, service, and coverage throughout the nation.

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