Natural Gas Surge Tank Vessel Dual Lift

Natural Gas Surge Tank Vessel Dual Lift
Maxim Crane salesman Greg Long was requested by Simplified Rail Logistics to unload natural gas surge tank vessel, the lift took place Wednesday, June 29th. Simplified Rail Logistics were in charge of the transportation of a surge tank vessel from Tulsa, OK to Weirton, WV. The vessel was placed on a barge and traveled up the Mississippi River to the Ohio River. Once in Weirton, Maxim unloaded the vessel from the barge onto a heavy haul trailer who destination was the Mark West Energy Plant in Bulger, PA.
Natural Gas Surge Tank Vessel Dual Lift
The surge tank vessel weighed 283,00 lbs. and stretched 85 feet long. With the features of the vessel, the lift would take two cranes, on at each end of the vessel.  A Liebherr LTM1400-7.1 500 ton crane and a Grove GMK6400 450 ton crane were selected. Beyond the two cranes, Maxim furnished four riggers and one lead engineer. The Liebherr was set first, then the Grove. After the Liebherr took the roofing off the barge, the lift was ready to begin. The two cranes effortlessly lifted the surge tank from the barge to the waiting heavy haul trailer. Bruce Murphy, Maxim lead rigging engineer, stated, “The job went extremely smooth, when you have the expertise and experience of a Maxim crew, it can’t help but go as planned.”
Natural Gas Surge Tank Vessel Dual Lift

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