Moxie Freedom Energy Project

During the fall of 2016, the Maxim team was contracted to perform the centerline heavy rigging scope on the Moxie Freedom Energy project in Northeastern Pennsylvania for Gemma Power Systems. The Freedom project involved the construction of a 1028MW Natural-Gas Fired power plant, which consisted of twin combined-cycle single shaft power blocks. Each power block had gas turbine, generator, and steam turbine centerline equipment.
Maxim’s scope included a receipt of each major turbine and generator component under our gantry hook at the project site. The 593,000 lb gas turbine was unloaded from a platform trailer, traversed 170 feet and placed onto prepared foundation with the utilization of Maxim’s 700 ton hydraulic gantry. Both gas turbines on each power block were set, and the remaining components were lifted and placed on each power block , including the 925,000 lb generator, 225,000 lb HP Turbine, and the 380,000 lb IP/LP Turbine. To date, the gas turbine and generator have been set. The only remaining component to be lift and set on this unit is the 380,000 lb IP/LP Turbine which is expected later this month.
Overall, the Maxim team remains on schedule for all deliveries, and anticipates our heavy rigging scope to be substantially completed by the end of February 2017. Through the combined efforts and teamwork of Maxim Crane and Gemma Power Systems, everyone remains optimistic about the plans for the Moxie Freedom Energy project, and continue to work diligently towards meeting the project’s demands.


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