Duke East Bend Power Plant

The East Bend station is owned and operated by Duke Energy in Union, KY. Recently, Maxim was asked to help with a large outage with a complete tear out and replacement of the Precipitator along with a boiler outage. On March 12, 2018 the job officially started and is projected to take about 8 months. Maxim has partnered up with Saulsbury Industries as well as TEI/ Babcock Power, Bowen Engineering, Patriot Industrial and Chattanooga Boiler & Tank.
The job is going smooth and moving forward with the Precipitator tear out and rebuild with Saulsbury using a 2250 luffer and a 14000 Manitowoc along with multiple RTs of different capacities. The Boiler outage went well and was completed on time with TEI using a 2250 luffer and a 90 ton RT.
Maxim’s Cranes on site:
• 2- Manitowoc 2250 300 ton Crawlers with luffing jibs
• 1-Manitowoc 14000 230 ton crawler
• 1-100 ton Rough Terrain crane
• 1-90 ton Rough Terrain crane
• 3-80 ton Rough Terrain crane
• 2-50 ton Rough Terrain crane
• 1-350 ton All Terrain Truck crane
• 1-210 ton All Terrain crane


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